Below is a discussion of selected projects that Uplink Productions has undertaken. is a long-running online hotel search and booking website rivalling competitors such as and

Uplink Productions was responsible for the first version, followed by a complete redevelopment a couple of years later. This new version laid the foundation for many more features that have since been added, making it a wholly comprehensive website for booking all your accommodation.

The website is also rebranded as
Features developed for this website
  • Secure online credit card payment system
  • Home page main search box, standby specials, property specials, quick search by region
  • Advanced search system - search by hotel name, type, star rating, maximum price, facilities and attractions
  • Browse by region - an alternative to searching by town or city
  • Detailed search results with separated hotels with rates and without rates, the latter forming the "on request" system
  • "On request" feature where customers can request a quote beyond the normal display range of the hotel rates
  • Detailed booking page with member discount feature
  • Member self-signup and dynamic discount levels based on activity
  • Booking lookup with print and cancel features
  • Dynamic booking cancellation tied into supplier policy
  • Supplier self-signup with administrator screening
  • Supplier login with access to hotel details, room types, deals, quote requests, offers and bookings manager
  • A "white label" multi-branding system that allows third party websites to use it to display data and make bookings
  • An "internet bookings" feature that allows anyone with a website to add our functionality to their site.
  • XML web services to allow hotels using channel control services to interface directly with their database


    UP was approached to handle the development of an online Northern Territory holiday search and booking website.

    The brief was to create a website that allowed suppliers to advertise their tours, hotels and car hire products and to allow website visitors to search for and purchase the products securely online.

    The project was later expanded to include fishing trips and The Ghan, as well as the capability of booking beyond the range of discounted rates displayed on the website.
    Features developed for this website
  • Shopping cart-style secure online credit card payment system - multiple products under the one booking number
  • Home page interactive map, dynamic search box and rotating live specials
  • Sorted and smart search results with convenient view/hide result sections
  • Detailed product information and booking pages
  • Booking request feature for dates beyond the normal displayed range
  • Booking number lookup and print feature
  • Supplier self-signup with administrator screening functions
  • Supplier login area with business account details, products, rates and bookings manager


    Imagine an eBay website where you don't pay for items with money but instead with what you don't want lying around the house.

    UP was hired to develop, which allows you to swap your unwanted things for wanted things, with each posting receiving offers that you can accept or reject.
    Features developed for this website
  • Home page categories, account login and random item display with new items listed
  • Keyword searching of items
  • Category listing pages
  • Item info display pages with thumbnails, questions and offerings
  • Member sign up and email activation
  • Member admin area to post items, manage details
  • Swapping accept / reject system with member feedback, similar to eBay style feedback
  • Member profile pages

  • is designed as a community business database where website visitors can browse and search for businesses in the area.

    This website is part of a 17-website network incorporated as the InSitesGroup network of websites catering for a collection of east Melbourne outer-metro suburbs. Visitors can find a business, view its information and contact them directly online.

    It is dynamically rebranded as InPakenham, InCranbourne and the other websites that are part of the InSites Group.
    Features developed for this website
  • Main business category browsing and keyword searching features
  • Search results with priority system
  • Detailed business information pages with online contact features
  • Business self-signup with administrator controls
  • Business account login with details and website manager
  • Multi-level business account system allows businesses to have a free listing or subscribe for two extra levels of account
  • The highest account provides a business with their own mini-website onto which they can place their own content
  • The administrator of the website has access to category, business and content management functions
  • The programming supports multi-domains which has been integrated into the CMS to dynamically change content


    NRI Worldwide is a website for non-resident Indians living around the world. UP was hired to construct the entire website with a strong focus on admin control of the content.

    The website also features a fully-featured member system that allows members to create accounts which also gives a user access to the online dating feature and classified adverts feature.
    Features developed for this website
  • Home page with categorised news articles, DHTML time, previews of CMS content
  • Administrated and dynamic advertising banners across the website
  • Categorised news and article system with full administration
  • Dynamic image gallery feature
  • Databased movie bloopers and food recipes feature
  • Electronic greetings card feature linked into admin-controlled dates and events
  • Member system with self-signup and validation system
  • Online dating system (known as Matrimonials)
  • Online classified advertisements system
  • Newsletter broadcast system


    A hobby project for Uplink Productions, we have created a website that allows members of a car club to create accounts via an email validation system and make online profiles of their cars.

    The programming is also used at the B Series Owners Club of Australia.
    Features developed for this website
  • Home page with dynamic category list, item lists (new, updated, random), news, blog and article previews
  • Dynamically-rotating header graphics
  • Member self signup system with email validation
  • Full admin control of article and page content, members, group, categories, website controls
  • Keyword searching of items
  • Detailed item information page with admin-controlled custom fields
  • Dynamic image slideshow system on item pages
  • Mini-websites (eg. for all items
  • Member profile pages
  • Private message and message inbox system
  • Timeslips - racing information sorted into a ladders
  • Multimedia albums - images, sounds and video files in galleries
  • Groups feature - members can belong to sub-divisions
  • Calendar and events system with member and group attachment

    This website was created using our product called Showcase 2 - please click here for more information >


    A website developed for a toy retailer in the United Arab Emirates, this website showcases their current range of toys and allows them to convey their news and advertise their suppliers.

    The project also includes the UAE Barbie website, which includes many more features..
    Features developed for this website
  • Home page with dynamically rotating welcome images, managed by administrator
  • Navigation menu
  • Welcome and news text, managed by administrator
  • Categorised products and catalog display system
  • Dynamic supplier advertising
  • Specials pages
  • Dynamic dual-language switching
  • Online contact form
  • Barbie: Barbie Club, members join to receive news and enter competitions
  • Barbie: Ask Barbie, online Q & A forum for kids
  • Barbie: Toy catalog / product display
  • Barbie: Downloadable diary pages for print out (administrated)
  • Barbie: Downloadable color-in / competition pages
  • Barbie: Dynamic banner advertising system (administrated)


    The MI Training course website's primary function allows students to join, take online course exams or become part of a class to sit an exam at a pre-arranged location.

    The website also allows students to build an online resume that is viewed by registered businesses who can search for them and post jobs ads. Students can also respond to the job ads.
    Features developed for this website
  • Course, study page and questions / answers administration
  • Student self-registration and email account validation process
  • Student login, My Account area with account details editor, resume creator and job ad search / contact system
  • Course list, course selection, class selection, online secure credit card payment
  • Online course exam sitting with anti-cheat features
  • Exam result entered into exam list administration
  • Class manager with attendence, payment processing and result administration
  • Online course certificate printing
  • Business administration
  • Business login, My Account with job ad manager, student search and resume display / contact system
  • General website page editor
  • Email template editing

  • Uplink productions has also developed the following websites:

    Aquanas Seafoods
    Aquanas required a catalog display website with a shopping cart-style product query / contact system. UP provided a fully-functional catalog website with category and product administration.

    The Lencrow Group
    Lencrow had a requirement for an online web catalog of new and used heavy equipment, so UP developed a fully administrated catalog product display website for them.

    Best Practice Standards Test 'n' Tag
    BPS is an electrical standards company and they required a website that allowed them to host files and guides for electricians who purchased their book. The members sign up using unique codes found in each book and that gives them secure access to the files online.

    Woody's Bargains
    A local construction material retailer required a website where they could auction off bulk lots of materials. The website has been designed to include a categorised item display, search system, member self sign-up system, auction / bidding system with auto-expiry and emailing functions.

    Japan Emirates Trading
    Uplink Productions provided the website programming driving this website, including a Google-style search system.

    VIP Driving School
    A website for a Melbourne-based driving school.

    Citylink Driving School
    Another website for a Melbourne-based driving school.

    Uplink productions has also provided the content management system and general programming behind the following websites:

  • All Ways Digging
  • Aura Candles
  • Australian Wholesale Product Lines
  • Best Practice Standards
  • Computers Unplugged
  • First Choice Mobile
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Gippsland Phones
  • HomeWorx
  • Ingrid Perri
  • MI Training
  • Music Werx
  • Pinnacle View
  • PowerCom Plus
  • Studio Reflections
  • The Printing Hub
  • Vanilla Sugar
  • Your Property Matters
  • Grip Wise Anti-Slip
  • Munns Parks and Gardens
  • Clean Stream Car Care
  • Electronic Connections
  • Max Perform Real Estate
  • Capelli Da GG
  • Trickie
  • Vietnam Veterans Motorcycle Club Gippsland Chapter

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