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Uplink Productions holds its clients and customers in high regard and wishes to state our policy on privacy:

  1. Communication - All contacts made to Uplink Productions are held in confidence between Uplink Productions and the contacting party.

  2. Information - Personal information, contact names and addresses, statistical data, cost and other sensitive customer information is kept in strictest confidence.

  3. Email Address - Email addresses will not be handed over or used for any other reason other than to contact parties regarding business activities with Uplink Productions.

  4. Products - Uplink Productions reserves the right to adjust the system requirements, prices and features of its products if deemed necessary, including the withdrawel of upgrades.

  5. Other Web Sites - Web sites linking to Uplink Productions do so at their own responsibility and we are not responsible for their conduct. We advise you to review the privacy policy on these web sites before disclosing any personal or sensitive information on them.

  6. Additional Privacy Info - More information can be found here > http://www.privacy.gov.au/.

  7. Privacy Policy - Uplink Productions reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time.

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