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Have you ever wanted to start an online community or club, bringing people together and creating a browseable directory? Showcase allows this, providing a fully-automated systems for members to show their items, whether it be cars, dogs, boats, houses or anything else you want people to display.

Showcase has a high level of customisation and settings to integrate it seamlessly with your existing website. Featuring flexible categories, handy home page and profile features and a photo gallery, Showcase can really open up your website.

It is recommended that you view the readme file to fully realise the features and requirements of Showcase.

Showcase features:
- Requires Unix or Linux webserver running Perl 5
- Uses own fast binary database, does not require SQL
- Customisable HTML and CSS wrapper file
- Home page: random item spotlight, categories, members list, top rated and latest updates
- Photo gallery feature
- View page of latest updates by members
- Summary counts
- Broken up page displays (X per page)
- Datestamp on pages
- Member signup with email account validation
- Customised form fields for members to create their items
- 3-level deep category system
- Keyword searching of items
- Comments on items
- Items can be rated
- Items can be offered for sale
- Member contact page (email address is not revealed)
- Members can request a new category
- Member information page
- Admin: Customisable home page sections
- Admin: Flag members with special label
- Admin: Customisable outgoing email templates
- Admin: Mass-send email to members
- Admin: Customisable item info form
- Admin: Category manager
- Admin: Member manager
- Admin: System configuration options
- Admin: US date system option
- Admin: System time adjust in hours
- Admin: Screen new members option
- Admin: Close website / accounts access
- Admin: Toggle item rating feature and commenting feature
- Admin: Maximum images per item, maximum items per member
- Admin: Image size control
- Admin: Email members and edit outgoing email templates
- Admin: Clear databases
- Image resizing with thumbnails (requires ImageMagick modules)

Note: Please check with your web server admin if ImageMagick is already installed. We provide an installation service if required.

Purchasing Showcase
You may use the following PayPal Buy Now button to pay via secure credit card online.
Please contact us if you wish to pay via other methods.

Product purchase - single domain licence
Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Extra domain licences $25 per domain.

All prices are US Dollars.

Note: Upon verification of payment, Uplink Productions will licence the product to your domain and send the product to your supplied email address.

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Home page screen

Item display screen

Member item create/edit screen

Admin config screen

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